iQubator – Nordic Design Project

The timing seems just right brands that can meet the needs and values of the growing middle upper class and the large niche markets for design and art.

This Chinese market evolving rapidly and this change also reveal a number of opportunities. Currently, the middle class segment is estimated to make up for more than 350 million people. Through increased buying power, education, curiosity, international business and traveling, the market for unique and authentic lifestyle brands has matured.

iQubator Program

A short and long term O2O strategy, is important in order to develop your brand awareness and reach your target audience. In the iQubator program, the O2O strategy including branding, positioning, pricing, import test and social media set-up is part of the preparations and market development phase.

“In this project we work with Nordic designers and enable them to get safe access to the Chinese market. Our network of galleries, retailers and distributors provide opportunities for exposure and finding business partners.”

Preparation Phase

The DNA of your brand is critical for establishing your business and develop it on the Chinese market. There is no final recipe for how to do this, but this is what we want You to focus on! iQubator provides the frames and necessary back-up.

Branding, Positioning and Pricing

Good branding is critical. The Chinese audience is very critical and probably exposed to more international brands than any other country. On the other hand, the branding is a great opportunity to create a story telling universe that the Chinese buy into. The quality and prestige of foreign brands are favored by the Chinese audience, but also priced relatively high. When sold at significantly higher price, the communication of the brand values is essential. Authentic brands with appeal, storytelling content and clear messages, are already one step ahead.

Social Media

Social media is a must for creating brand awareness. When the branding strategy is established, it needs to be communicated.  Today Wechat is the primary social media platform with more the 800 million users.

Working with Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) should be part of your consideration in reaching your target audience, and building brand awareness

Market Development Phase

When entering a significant different market, such as China, it takes persistence and time to establish the brand awareness and associated sales channels. The presence and placement into outlets recognized by your audience is critical. We experience a big demand from channel partners such as museums, galleries, retailers and shopping malls to represent Nordic designers and brands.