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“Doing the right thing is more important than doing the thing right”  —— Peter Drucker

About us

We provide China & Asia based solutions to our diverse ambitious clientele, through relevant business networks, experienced competent professionals and nurturing out-of-the-box thinking.

Amphion Asia advises its clients in efficient management, corporate governance, marketing, & sales, brand building, production & engineering, SAP based HR-management solutions, talent acquisition and relevant business development projects in China and Asia.

Most of our projects include:

–       Increase sales through new client acquisition, brand building & developing sales channels

–       Improve production platforms with QC, Sourcing, re-engineering and restructuring

–       Offer fast innovation ideas and concepts, utilizing LSS innovation instruments

–       Create relevant and disruptive business models, leveraging clients’ core competence

–       Recruit, educate and coach professionals with relevant new skills and capabilities

Our Services

Sales Development

–       Sales Channel Start-Up, Development and Management

–       Brand building, client surveys & feedback and brand testing

–       Geographic price-points, positioning and competitive mapping

–       Sales Stories: Simple, Unexpected, Tangible, Credible, Emotional & Memorable

–       Consumer Cultural Behaviour Navigation (Products & Services)

Business Strategy & Restructuring

–       Balanced Scorecard based Strategy Guidance

–       Creating Brand Believers

–       Commercial Innovation – Lean Six Sigma Innovation Tools

–       Competitor Maps and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

–       Re-structuring and Re-positioning Planning

Commercial Innovation

–       Idea generation (We make you Think-Out-Of-The-Box)

–       Concept Creation for China/Asian Markets

–       Test the Innovation

–       Generate a New Market, Enhanced Product/Service or Unprecedented Clientele

–       Build an Innovation Management System

Production Management

–   Operational Excellence Planning & Execution (5S)

–   Industry 4.0 Production Systems (Partner)

–   QC – Quality Assurance

–   Problem Solving

–   Code of Conduct

Procurement & Sourcing

–       Supplier Verification

–       Quality system Audit

–       Quality Control

–       Procurement Services

–       Supplier Development

Packaging & Supply Chain

–       Anti-corrosion vacuum packaging

–       Logistics Planning

–       Supplier auditing

–       Spare parts & OEM designs

–       Supply chain management

HR & Talent Acquisition

–       SAP based HR management cloud system

–       Team Building & Talent Matchmaking

–       DISC tests (Partner: Thomas International China)

–       Talent Recruiting

–       Team Assessments

Management Advisory

–   CEO & MD leadership advisory

–   China Cultural Intelligence in Practice

–    Leadership Communication in Teams

–    Manage Yourself

–    Learn from Theater Best Practices (Performing Arts PhD Maja Stina Wan)

Tax legal & accounting

–       Outsourcing of Accounting Services (Daily Bookkeeping & Yearly Audits)

–       Tax Calculation and Planning

–       Tax and Corporate Certificates

–       Due Diligence Services

–       Legal Advisory (Payments, Receivables, CIQ, Contracts, Disputes)

M&A, fundraising & investments

–   Target Origination in China/Asia

–   Commercial Due Diligence

–   Deal Structure

–   Negotiation & Closing

–   Fundraising

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Mr. Lee Lanselle

Mr. Lee Lanselle

Partner, Retail & Entertainment

Lee Lanselle is an expert in the business of theme parks, resorts and themed entertainment with over 30 years of experience in planning, executing and implementing projects and operations.

Lee has applied this expertise to theme park and resort projects globally including in China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

Lee was an executive in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for over 20 years where he was a central figure in the planning and implementation of Disney’s international theme park and resort projects in Japan, France and Hong Kong, where he acted as Director and President level key positions.

Lee collaborated with Disney corporate planning and legal teams, supporting the preparation of development, license and management agreements.

In connection with these projects, Lee’s experience included securing agreements, liaison with government officials, integration of transportation systems, and the planning of retail, dining and entertainment complexes.

In 1975 Lee received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese Studies (Economics

Concentration) from Yale University, where he was a Fulbright English Fellow in Toyama, Japan. In 1978 Lee received his MBA in financial policy and control from the University of Michigan. Mr. Lanselle speaks fluent French and conversational Japanese.


Rick Struzynski

Rick Struzynski

Technical sales

Rick Struzynski has been involved in technical sales since 1996, in USA and China.

He’s been leading technical sales teams in recognized technology companies since 2004, as a Managing Director and top management positions.

Mr. Struzynski has a multi-industry background: instrumentation/controls, environmental controls, both in power utilities and industrial applications, medical devices, analytical instrumentation, engineering services and IT

Rick first developed the Value Based Sales training program in 2009, which he has successfully implemented in numerous technology and infastructure companies.

He has trained sales and management teams from: Eisenmann, Leica Microsystems, Horiba, Etteplan, Anixter, IBB I&C Technology

"Technical Sales is half Art, half Science!"


Ruddy Swinnen

Ruddy Swinnen

Organizational Development and Leadership

Mr. Ruddy Swinnen

Ruddy is an Organizational Development and Leadership professional with 20-years working experience, of which 10-years in Asia.

Mr. Swinnen supports leaders and entrepreneurs to grow successful organisations.

Ruddy has developed a unique and relevant concept, called Wise Wings, which is based on Asian “WISE” philosophy and Western liberal action based “WINGS”.


Organizational Business Development

Leadership and Management Development

Assessment and Development Centers

Cross-cultural Management

Executive Coaching

He has worked for clients in various sectors: Automotive, Chemical, Construction, Coatings, Manufacturing, Medical, Health Care, Logistic, Tools & Assembling, Finance, ICT, HR, Professional services .

Some of his international clients include: Agfa, Alstom, Atlas Copco, Barco, Bayer, Bekaert, Ducati, Hansen, Picanol, Randstad, Total, Volkswagen.

Ruddy is very comfortable working with multi-cultural teams and organizations. He works in English and Dutch.

Ruddy is originally from Belgium.

Mr. Lee Lanselle

Mr. Lee Lanselle

Partner, Retail & Entertainment